May 26, 2010

Easy Lechon Kawali Video and Recipe

Lechon kawali is a well loved dish by you and old Filipinos. You can serve this in your restaurant or "karinderya" if you have your own business.

Here's a video featuring easypinoyfood's video on how easy to cook lechon kawali. The procedure is clear, easy to follow and the ingredients are few.

The ingredients you need to cook the dish are pork liempo (from the pig's belly), water, salt and oil for deep frying. Read my Notes after viewing the lechon kawali video on how you can "spice up your own version."


1. You can add some spices during the boiling process. Add some pepper, garlic or onion to add some flavor. If you want you can add in a little bit of vinegar. The flavor you want to make your lechon kawali to be more authentic is up to you.

2. Before you fry, make sure that the oil is boiling hot. This will help lock up the juices inside the pork.

3. During frying, note for blisters on the pork skin, much like the puffing process featured on one of our pork chicharon recipe.

4. After frying, remove from oil and let it stand for a few minutes before chopping. Sometimes, covering or wrapping the cooked lechon kawali with foil before cutting will help retain the juices inside.

5. Serve it with your favorite prepared lechon sauce, such as the one featured on the video (Mama Sita's) or make your own. Some people would like vinegar, garlic, a little bit of salt and pepper.