May 26, 2010

Tocino Recipe, the Easy (Mama Sita's) Way!

For those who want to prepare tocino, the easy way, you can do it actually without having to formulate your own recipe. You can cheat your way here, making it look like you’ve done a great deal on the marinating mix.

I tell you, this tocino recipe is very simple. Two key ingredients are pork and your favorite tocino mix. I found one tocino mix on the supermarket, in the Philippines, that is. I don’t know in other countries if they have it. The mix I’m talking about is the “Mama Sita’s Tocino Marinating Mix.”

Here’s what you need:

1.1 lb. or ½ kg. pork, cut into ¼ or ½ inch thick slices (with or without fat but without skin), and

1 pouch of Mama Sita’s Tocino Marinating Mix

Water or Oil for cooking


1. Mix pork and tocino mix in a bowl. Mix well; making sure it is well blended.
2. Marinate for at least 1 hour or refrigerate for about one day.

Cooking procedure:

Cooking Method 1:

1. Pour about ½ cup of water in a skillet or pan. Put marinated pork and let it simmer until water runs dry.

2. Cook until color turns into shiny reddish-brown.

Cooking Method 2:

1. In a skillet or pan, pour a small amount of vegetable oil (healthier alternative: olive oil or canola oil).

2. Make sure the oil is hot before frying.

3. Fry until done, but not burnt. The best way to make sure that it is not burnt before it is cooked is to lower the fire a few seconds after putting the pork.

Cooking Method 3:

1. Grill over hot coal fire until done.

2. You can make use of the marinade for basting the grilled pork.

Cooking Method 4:

1. Barbecue method. I guess I don’t have to elaborate on this, do I? You need a barbecue stick though.

2. Grill until done. Baste it with the remaining marinade, if there is, during grilling.


Some would prefer not to use the remaining marinade for basting during grilling probably because of health reasons.

If this is the case, one alternative would be to heat the remaining marinade, adding a little bit of water (just a little!). Of course you can add even more spices if you want to. Experiment on what really works for you!

Disclaimer: The publisher is not affiliated with Mama Sita's Holding Co. Inc., the maker of Mama Sita's Tocino Marinating Mix (mentioned here), or any of it's products.