Sep 19, 2010

Online Jobs Philippines: Writing Articles at Associated Content

Want to earn online while you're at the comfort of your home? You may want to consider writing web articles at Associated Content (AC), a US-based company that allows writers to publish their original articles and, in return, earn money when someone views your topic. In addition, they will also provide you with exclusive assignment topics to write about, which you get paid upfront in dollars.

Topics that you can write about at AC is limitless. You can publish your original poems, short stories, health articles, advice, and news articles, among others. You can even apply to become a featured publisher in any of the categories at AC. Once accepted, you will be given assignment topics wherein you will be paid if your article is accepted by the category editor. You will be paid anywhere from $3 to $10, probably even more, depending on how much is being offered for your article.

Your earnings do not stop from assignment submissions. You can earn from articles you have written that are submitted as display only (DO). This means that you are submitting what you have written to be displayed only on the AC website, which you own exclusive copyright for the article. For pageviews, that is when someone reads your article at AC, you get to earn from it.

From pageviews alone, you may be able to earn from cents to hundred dollars (even more!) depending on how many articles you have submitted and how searchable your topic is. The more pageviews, the more money you make! Even more, your articles continue to earn even if you stop writing for a while. You should, however, log-in to your account once in a while so that your account will not be inactivated if you do stop writing.

At first, you may see very little increase in how much you are earning. However, as you build-up on your library of articles, writing searchable topics, your earnings tend to increase, as well.

I am a featured Health and Wellness publisher at Associated Content (you can view my profile here) and I've seen an increase in my earnings as I slowly built-up on my health article library.

If you are from the Philippines or residing outside the US, you can publish at Associated Content too! Signing-up is easy and free! There are no fees to be paid unlike other paid-to-publish websites.

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